Monday, January 28, 2008

Democrats feel "relevant"

The Democrats say they are feeling "relevant" this year. When I read that headline, I thought they must have had some heavy hitters come to town, or at least have plans to perhaps see the candidates themselves show up in the state! Considering how Kansas normally gets completely ignored by the candidates (unless they happen to be Kansans like Bob Dole or Sam Brownback), that would be a real coup!

Here are the list of heavy hitters who were pimping for their candidates at the Democrat bean feed (I'll bite my tongue on that one):

For Obama: Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn.
For Clinton: Carmen Alldritt, director of vehicles for the Kansas Department of Revenue-Division of Motor Vehicles
For Edwards: Ronald McVeigh, a longtime Democrat from Olathe

Relevant indeed! Wow. They really sent in the Big Dogs!

A sidebar to the article indicated that Obama would be in Kansas for Kansas Day. They're going to have a townhall meeting before the Democrat Caucus on Feb 5.

That's better, I guess, than last time when John Edwards (then the veep candidate) came training through for a whistle stop in Lawrence in the middle of the night, but was late for a more important state so didn't stop and left his supporters standing there at the train station watching his train buzz by.

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