Friday, February 11, 2005

Press conference on Monday

The Family Action Network, a non-denominational, non-partisan organization addressing issues of concern to families, announces it has scheduled a press conference at noon on Monday, February 14th, on the north steps of City Hall. The purpose of the press conference is to address issues and declare support for the pending city ordinance that would put an end to homosexuals being given special rights.

A number of like-minded organizations that share the concerns of Family Action Network will also participate in the press conference, including Concerned Woman of America, Truth In Love Outreach, and One Voice Kansas, among others. Joining the groups will be a number of pastors, representing diverse racial backgrounds and numerous religious denominations.

“Here in Topeka, for the past two years, pro-homosexual forces have attempted to force churches, private and religious schools, daycares, landlords, businesses and the city to extend special rights to homosexuals,” said Dan Walker, spokesperson for Family Action Network. “These special rights have included affirmative action quotas, domestic partner benefits and other costly and anti-family proposals that would negatively impact the quality of life in Topeka. While pro-homosexual forces will attempt to frame the proposed ordinance as a vote for hate, we as business, religious and pro-family leaders disagree and stand behind passage of this ordinance as a vote for families.”

Walker added, “A ’YES’ vote is not a vote for hate. I personally disagree with any message of hate. But we can no longer remain silent on this issue while radial homosexual groups converge on our city demanding special rights. We encourage all Topekans to vote YES on March 1st to put an end to the various costly, anti-family and unwise pro-homosexual proposals we have seen over the past two years. It’s time our city leaders concentrated on other issues such as the exorbitant taxes families are paying, as well as extending a vision for this city that is family-friendly and not part of the radical homosexual agenda being originated out of liberal states like Massachusetts.”


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