Friday, February 11, 2005

Support Pro-Family Ads in Kansas

As you probably know, mailings, and TV and radio "issue advertising" cost an incredible amount of money.

One Voice Kansas is coordinating with other pro-family groups and churches across the State to promote Biblical values and to disseminate information regarding the amendment to protect marriage currently being debated in our State Legislature.

One Voice Kansas is also helping to coordinate information and advertising in the Topeka area to educate and inform voters on the petition to change the recent Topeka City Council Ordinance giving protected class status on the basis of sexual orientation.

Make your voice heard and help us promote Biblical values and protect traditional marriage in our State. Your gift of any amount will be deeply appreciated. Please mail your donation (checks or money orders only please) to:

One Voice Kansas
PO Box 5075
Topeka, KS 66605

Please specify if you would like to limit your gift to be applied to the "Topeka City Ordinance," the "Statewide marriage amendment" both, or anywhere needed!


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