Saturday, February 05, 2005

Super Bowl decency standards

From the KC Star article on the newfound decency standards that will be upheld at this year's Super Bowl:

Fundamental questions linger, however, about what is indecent. And a new climate of uncertainty and even fear has set in at television and radio stations.
It's amazing that we have to answer the question for a TV network about "what is indecent." It used to be that even THEY realized what was decent enough for the public airwaves, but now they don't know anymore. Maybe they don't know because they've been, literally, moving the ball on this issue so much (sorry for the pun) that they don't know where it should be anymore. They just keep pushing forward and pushing forward to where we are completely desensitized to whatever they want to put on broadcast television. They've gotten away with it to a large degree because there's been no defensive line to stop them (sorry again) the point they are shocked when they get flagged for a penalty (sorry again).

Whether Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" was staged or not, I'm glad they got charged a pretty penny for that little stunt and that they are now thinking twice about pushing forward with their truly offensive attack on decency.


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