Thursday, February 10, 2005

Kline to defend evolution stickers

From the Capital-Journal:

Attorney General Phill Kline has offered to defend placing in school textbooks stickers that say evolution is a theory, not a fact, the chairman of the Kansas State Board of Education said Wednesday.

"I firmly believe that it should be allowed," Kline said of the stickers, which he said he would defend in court.

Steve Abrams, the chairman of the state board, said Kline brought up the subject during meetings with small groups of board members. Kline told The Associated Press he believes such stickers are reasonable, even though a federal judge in Georgia ruled last month that similar stickers are an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

"I think it's a good compromise between moderates and conservatives," Kline said.

You go, boy. ;) I'd love to get in the brain of someone who thinks that putting a sticker in a textbook that states the fact that evolution is a theory (and therefore not the only explanation for how we got here) is an "unconstitutional endorsement of religion." What does religion have to do with it? Religion is a practice that we employ to exhibit our relationship with God. Simply raising the question of alternate theories of our origins has nothing to do with the practice of religion.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Steve Forman said...

It is unfortunate that Kline may be in trouble for this meeting. Democrats are claiming that Kline violated the Open Meetings Law by chatting with the board members. That is ironic, since the AG recently introduced legislation to strengthen those very laws. You'd think he'd be more careful.

Still, I applaud him for promoting the consideration of ID in schools. But opponents will use anything they can, even a possible unintended techincal violation.


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