Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dr. Roy Says Election a Defeat for Religionist Right

Dr. Bill Roy has spoken up again. He says, in his latest editorial, that the last election was the electorate voting against Christian candidates...choosing to shore up the wall between church and state by casting out those who govern by their Christian principles.

On a side note, my mother was a nurse and I grew up hearing about Dr. Bill Roy. My mother didn't think much of him. Never had a kind word for him. In fact, she said he was the rudest, most arrogant doctor in Topeka and treated nurses with contempt. But that's beside the point.

The point Dr. Roy forgets is that Republicans of all stripes lost in this past election. If they had an R after their name, they were in for trouble. I was disappointed that more evangelicals didn't turn up at the polls, but they'll be back.

Christian candidates believe that Biblical principles make good government. It was good enough when the founders used those principles to develop our form of government, so why shouldn't they stick to those principles when they run for office and govern after they are elected?

What's so offensive with using Biblical principles to govern? Why is it more agreeable for those whose morals are based on the religions of liberalism, secularism, atheism, etc.?

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