Thursday, November 02, 2006

Letter supporting Congressman Jim Ryun

From Ron Smeltzer:

My wife wrote a letter to the editor that appears in today’s Capital Journal. In typical Capital Journal fashion they cut off the last paragraph of that letter which contained, in my view, the final important point. It makes you wonder if they are simply journalistically inept, or if they are promoting their own agenda. Given that they have been publishing about two letters a week supporting Congressman Ryun while publishing about two per day supporting his opponent I think we all know the answer.

The full letter is reprinted below. If you agree with me in supporting Congressman Ryun, and want to help keep him in Congress, please send this letter to anyone you know who may be confused or misinformed by his opponent’s deceptive ad campaign.

Letters Editor
Topeka Capital-Journal
616 S.E. Jefferson
KS. 66607

The cornerstone of Ms. Boyda’s campaign appears to be her personal perception of a wide-spread desire on the part of Kansas citizens for “change”. Any change. Change at any cost.

I personally do not think such a desire exists. However, voters would be wise to be careful what they ask for. They might get it, and the result is often far less satisfying than had been anticipated. Change, simply for the sake of change frequently produces unexpectedly negative consequences.

Like so many liberals, she seems to be long on rhetoric, yet very short on specifics regarding how those idealistic and naive notions would actually benefit Kansas families, our economy and our National security. She is equally short on the practical specifics about how those campaign promises would be implemented. She simply implies that if you don’t like things now, she’ll be happy to change them…somehow.

Much more is required to be a great legislator than is required to be a great
campaigner. Once you assume the responsibility of leadership it is no longer enough to simply push left-wing hot buttons, trumpet liberal sound bytes and bash the Administration. You actually have to do something. Effective representation requires a thorough knowledge of the complex social, economic and security issues that America faces today. Congressman Ryun has clearly demonstrated that he has that knowledge, and he has the experience to put it to effective use. It also requires the courage and leadership to make the hard decisions, as well as a genuine concern for how those decisions will affect constituents. Congressman Ryun’s record proves he has those qualities, and he has consistently voted to ensure those ideals. I’ve seen no evidence of such ability from his opponent. I think that’s a difference worth considering before you vote to change to someone who’s really never done anything except make campaign promises.

Pamela S

You can scroll down this page to see the edited version of Pamela's letter that the Capital Journal chose to print.


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