Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Geeks for God

If you're like me and you love your gadgets, and I somewhat even make my living off of the success of mobile technologies, then you can't get too much info about it.

Within 5 minutes today, I discovered that two of the fellas that I have dealt with over the past few years not only care about mobile tech, but put God first! If you're a true geek who puts God first, that's saying something!

Check them out!

PalmSolo: Matt Miller is "Geeking for Jesus"
MobilePassion: Dale Coffing's one TRUE passion is God

While we're at it, I know that PocketGoddess is a Christian. Steve Litchfield, who writes articles for Palmtop User in the UK is also a Christian. Also (and this is kind of a shameless plug since he's a client of mine, but also a friend), Dave Haupert is president of DDH Software (developer of the popular HanDBase app) and also a Christian recording artist. Another site that I've recently discovered is Mobile Ministry Magazine.


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