Friday, June 17, 2005

Abstinence Education Works

A new study released by US Dept. of Health and Human Services reveals that abstinence education works:
teens who participated in abstinence programs had an increased awareness of the potential consequences of sexual activity before marriage, thought more highly of abstinent behaviors, and less favorable opinions about sexual activity before marriage than did students who were not in abstinence programs.

"Students who are in these [abstinence education] programs are recognizing that abstinence is a positive choice," HHS Assistant Secretary Michael O'Grady said.

"Abstinence education programs that help our young people address issues of healthy relationships, self-esteem, decision-making, and effective communications are important to keeping them healthy and safe," O'Grady added.

The fact that abstinence education is controversial and not universally applied is just amazing to me. Not teaching abstinence--instead focusing on "safe sex"--assumes that kids can't curb their behaviors. Maybe that's because those people who prefer safe sex education over abstinence education are never able to curb their own behavior. Hmmm. I wonder. Sex is just part of our animalistic behavior--but secularists think we're nothing more than intelligent animals. We can't go against those lusts! Christians know that God gave us the ability to go against our own desires.


At 9:29 PM, Blogger Travis said...

"Christians know that God gave us the ability to go against our own desires."

How true. Good post!

The Blogging Boy Scout,


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