Thursday, June 16, 2005

Today's Hot News for Christians in Kansas

Board Trades Barbs Over Evolution
The four moderate members -- still stinging from insults hurled at them in a newsletter put out by conservative member Connie Morris -- said the state board needs to listen to the advice of mainstream scientists.

Morris, of St. Francis, was ready to spar at Wednesday's meeting, quickly criticizing moderates for not attending four days of hearings in May on evolution. The hearings featured speakers prominent in the intelligent design movement who promoted changing the standards to include criticisms of evolution. With several groups calling for boycotts, scientists refused to make the case for evolution.

Ditto. Our state isn't yet so politically correct that this kind of debate is still available here. Not all states can say that. It's a great thing! But the moderates didn't want to debate the merits of their argument, opting instead to stand outside and complain. They had their chance and they passed it up. They still get to vote. Otherwise, hushhhhhh....

Sebelius Touts Anew Expanded Gambling
Enticed by promises of millions of dollars in slot machine revenue for the state, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius isn't ready to give up on the possibility of expanded gambling.
Put aside the wrecking ball affect of gambling on families, how does taking money from people who can't afford it help improve our economy? It's a tax on poor people, because rich people can afford to kiss their money away at a casino--but most people at the Indian casinos are NOT rich. And the vast majority of people who go into a casino with money, come out with less--if not zero. make poor people poorer, then spend our tax revenue to provide a safety net for people who lose their money at gambling (money that could have been spent on education if gambling proceeds weren't being used for that purpose). Yeah...that's smart.

Now, put that wrecking ball affect back into the equation. You've taken their money and gotten them addicted to a behavior that destroys their families. This is smart, compassionate government at work?


At 9:52 PM, Blogger Travis said...

Bah. Our state (Oklahoma) resently passed a bill creating a state lottery to support education. It that not crazy? I can hear it now "Support your schools, play the lotto". A bad deal I think.

The Blogging Boy Scout,


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