Saturday, October 27, 2007

Robed Royalty Suspend Kansas Grand Jury Law

Flash …KS Supreme Court suspends Kansas law…Citizens Grand Jury by Petition usurped…

According to today’s news story below the Kansas Supreme court has issued a temporary injunction against a grand jury in Wichita from being impaneled to investigate allegations of abortionist George Tiller…

Indications seem to be that the KS Supreme court wants those same Wichita judges that found the citizen petition to be in proper form to now go beyond the boundary’s set by the legislature, stop the summoning of a lawfully petitioned grand jury and have select judges inquire now into the allegations. This crosses the line as stated by the KS Statute that the judges only authority at this point is to find the petition in order, or not. The very intent of the grand jury process is for the people to inquire into probable cause when authorities will not. Corruption is at the heart of the reason for a citizens grand jury petition system.

Excerpt from KS Statute 22-3001 “The judge or judges of the district court of the county shall then consider the petition and, if it is found that the petition is in proper form and bears the signatures of the required number of electors, a grand jury shall be ordered to be summoned.”

Possible legislative showdown in Kansas? Federal court intervention? Stay Strong, Phillip

Court temporarily halts Tiller grand jury

The Associated Press

Published Friday, October 26, 2007

The Kansas Supreme Court has temporarily blocked the start of a Sedgwick County grand jury to investigate abortion provider George Tiller.

The court’s order today stops the grand jury from starting its work until the court can decide if the panel should convene. The grand jury had been scheduled to begin its work next Tuesday.

The order by Chief Justice Kay McFarland was in response to a petition filed by Dr. Tiller, who is one of the nation’s few late-term abortion providers.

Abortion opponents accuse Tiller of violating a 1998 state law restricting late-term abortions, an allegation his attorneys repeatedly have said is unfounded.

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