Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Condoms in our schools

Topeka High School puts a basket full of condoms out for anybody who wants one, and by the end of each day that basket is nearly empty.

Read the story here.

I'm sure these school officials are well intentioned, and they see the reality of sexual activity more than we do, but usurping parental authority and making it EASIER to engage in risky sexual activity is not the purpose of our public schools. My tax dollars are buying condoms that enable kids to do something they shouldn't be doing, and make them feel safer while doing it.

I'm glad my kids' school isn't doing that. Of course, they're too young at this point and when they do "come of age" I hope they'll live up to the purity I expect of them and God expects of them. But if I go visit my kids' school and see a basket of condoms on the counter, I will blow a gasket. Guaranteed. There are other places to go for kids who are sexually active.

Schools act as if they can't teach morality in schools, but how is handing a kid a condom NOT teaching them a moral lesson?

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