Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wyandotte update

Coalition Friends,

Wyandotte County's Grand Jury announced today that they did not indict three of the stores but they did indict two others for "promotion of obscenity." It is a strange mix as to what they did. It is not a home run for Wyandotte County...but they got on base. Wyandotte County is on it way to a "community standard" trial, baring any out of court plea bargin. This brings to sixteen the number of pornography outlets in Kansas facing trials for the crime of promoting obscenity. The porn shops that escaped this investigation should not rest too easy, we can always have another grand jury take another look on another day.

One satisfying statement from a reporter today was, "good job, don't give up". There are friends in many places if we look for them.

In the KC area we are still waiting to hear what Johnson County KS. and Clay County MO. Grand juries will do. Jackson County MO. is moving slowing to a decision point and the Cass County Prosecutor has tossed the ball to the Belton Police Chief who in turn is waiting to hear from his citizens before moving. STAY STRONG, Phillip Cosby



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