Monday, July 23, 2007

The "Emergent Church" and the War Against Radical Islam

An interesting column was published in Townhall today about the "emergent church" movement and its unwitting role as an ally to the radical element of Islam that would see us all dead.

I first heard of this movement a few months ago and had to Google it to learn what it was all about. It's not a church at all, but an effort to tear traditional Christianity apart from the inside out. They can infiltrate the church with their belief in non-belief (no such thing as absolute's unknowable). We see what happens to churches who don't have anything to believe in--they fade away. If the modern Christian church isn't unwavering in its doctrine, we will still be the key voice for freedom throughout the world and a strong proponent of any effort that prevents the spread of radical Islam. If, however, we become wishy washy and don't know what we believe or why we believe it, we'll join the rest of the world in accepting anybody's version of truth and will face the consequences of a passionate Islam spreading in a world full of ambivalent and permissive Christians, agnostics and atheists.

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