Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Truth in Love position on District 9 City Council Race

The good citizens of Topeka have been caught between two warring extremes for years now: those pushing acceptance of a dangerous lifestyle and those advocating hatred for those in that lifestyle. The Truth in Love Outreach strongly disagrees with both positions.

These are really just two minorities which work both at odds and, oddly, in concert.

Homosexuals comprise between 2 to 4 percent of the U.S. population. For public disapproval, one need only look at the recent overwhelming votes in 13 states to discriminate against non-traditional marriage in state constitutions.

The Westboro group and their public support is an even smaller minority universally acknowledged as a fringe sect in their views and actions.

Ironically, the Westboro group and the homosexual advocates agree that they are stuck in their condition, either because they are condemned to that fate, or because they were born that way.

These two groups have made our fair city their battleground and wounded many innocents along the way.

The election on March 1st for the District Nine City Council position provides an unusual opportunity for the voters of Topeka to reject both extremes. Of the four candidates running, Tiffany Muller is a self-acknowledged activist for special rights for homosexuals and Jael Phelps is a member of the Westboro group.

The Truth in Love Outreach encourages the voters of District Nine to send a strong message to the extremes by voting for one of the other candidates, and not for either of these young ladies.

When the people of Topeka make clear their displeasure with the extremes, we may be on our way to healing.


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